Know Your Library

The university library building is planned on modular principles based on the requirements of the university library complex. The plan of the library building comprises the following areas

Library Building

Lower ground floor consists of:

  • Seminar Hall
  • Store Room
  • Book Dormitory
  • Bindery

Upper ground floor:

  • It consists of Under-graduate reading hall with 4350 sq.ft carpet area to accommodate 180 students.
  • Separate reading room for boys and girls is available on this floor.
  • News paper reading section is also located on this floor.
  • Stack room with 1460 sq.ft carpet area.
  • Circulation section with self check in and out facilities is located here which provides book lending service for the library users.
  • Computer and Information Services unit with internet facility for searching e-Resources.
  • Reprography section.
  • Office of the Librarian and Assistant Librarian , Technical and Acquisition Sections and Server Room.

First Floor :

  • The first floor consists of two reading halls accommodating 180 students each on either side.

Second Floor Consist of :

  • Reference and Periodical Section (Current issues of periodicals , Back volumes of Periodicals and thesis submitted to university )
  • JRF / SRF Section
  • Competitive Examination Section
  • Research Cubicles
  • Office of Assistant Librarian

How to get Library Membership:

  • The students enrolled for various courses at VNMKV campus have to submit the prescribed application form for Library Membership. Now the library has planned online registration system for library membership.
  • External Membership for researcher is also available at nominal charges. For external membership the form is available in office.